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A success! Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation represented superbly at the United Nations.

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Prof. Nadia Badawi of Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation with Head of Development Bronya Metherall in the UNESCO conference room.
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Yesterday a delegation from Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation attended the Gender Equality conference, hosted by UN Women and organized by The Gender Equality Foundation. Speakers included host Lakshmi Puri, the Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and Deputy Executive Director of UN Women, and Laura Logan, renowned 60 Minutes Correspondent, among many others.

Our mission in attending the conference was to showcase the outstanding work our Foundation is associated with, to introduce ourselves to a wider philanthropic audience, and connect with an established network of individuals and organizations committed to making a difference. Speaking on the Healthcare; Activism and Partnerships Discussion Panel, Prof. Nadia Badawi magnificently highlighted the problems many women in low-resource settings face with raising a child with disabilities, followed by an insight into the immensely impactful projects currently underway to alleviate these burdens. To a room packed with people of influence, means, and desire to assist such projects, Prof. Badawi successfully demonstrated the global scalability of her work, and we believe it is only a matter of time till the means are attained to do so.