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Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation is involved in an international project that brings hope to an often overlooked section of our society – mothers of children with cerebral palsy and other disabilities in lower income countries. This project recognizes that in low resource settings 90% of caregivers for children with disabilities are the children’s mothers, and as many as 50% of children with disabilities do not attend a school. For these reasons women are commonly the sole life support for these children, and very often at the expense of their own health, nutrition and well-being.

When there are no affordable or available wheelchairs, a mother is faced with one option; to carry their own growing child everywhere, leading to chronic back injuries. In many rural locations of the world cerebral palsy is widely misunderstood and discriminated against, leaving the women isolated and even more vulnerable. Depression and destitution is a common reality for women in this situation.

Our project, starting in Bangladesh, aims to be a global roadmap for a complete shift in the way cerebral palsy and other disabilities are perceived and treated, as well as providing for women and mothers the resources denied them for so long. These include basics like wheelchairs, wheelchair ramps, reusable low-cost nappies (incontinence can be a symptom of cerebral palsy), and physiotherapy centers. By giving these mothers these basic tools to assist their role in caring for their child, it allows many of them the time and emotional support to connect with income streams, vital for their survival. We are also assisting in creating the first Cerebral Palsy Registers in Bangladesh, which provide the vital data for effective science and research into treatments, preventions and cures for cerebral palsy.

This video beautifully sums up the situation.