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There is no single cause of cerebral palsy – which means there could be many ways to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure cerebral palsy. To help us ‘join the dots’ on such a complex condition, we have a team of researchers from many disciplines whose expertise, experience and dedication are helping us find the answers as quickly as possible.

Professor Nadia Badawi

Professor Nadia Badawi AM

Macquarie Group Foundation Chair of Cerebral Palsy

Professor Badawi AM is an internationally recognised neonatologist with extensive experience working in the field of cerebral palsy.

In 2009 Cerebral Palsy Alliance appointed Professor Badawi as Australia’s first Chair of Cerebral Palsy to oversee projects funded by the Research Foundation. The position has been funded by the Macquarie Group Foundation and the Commonwealth Government.

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Associate Professor Iona Novak

Professor Iona Novak

Head of Research at Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Professor Iona Novak is Head of Research at Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute, Sydney.

Professor Novak oversees the research activities of Institute and supports the Australian Cerebral Palsy Register.

Professor Novak is a Fulbright Scholar and her background is in occupational therapy with research interests in evidence-based practice; home programs; and neuroprotection.

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Sarah McIntyre PhD

Dr Sarah McIntyre

Senior Research Fellow

Sarah is responsible for the NSW/ACT Cerebral Palsy Register and is a policy member of the Australian Cerebral Palsy Register group.

She is a perinatal and paediatric epidemiologist and her current work focusses on the aetiology and prevention of cerebral palsy and neonatal encephalopathy, with a particular emphasis on birth defects.

With colleagues across the world, she is helping to establish the first international research network for cerebral palsy, IMPACT for CP.

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Karen Walker

Associate Professor Karen Walker

Senior Research Fellow, IMPACT for CP

Associate Professor Karen Walker is a Clinical Research Fellow in the Grace Centre for Newborn Care at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, and a Senior Research Fellow with the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute.

Karen completed her PhD in 2011 researching outcomes of infants admitted to neonatal intensive care units with her thesis entitled “Neurodevelopmental outcome at one year of age of infants who have undergone early major cardiac or non-cardiac surgery”.

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Margaret Wallen

Dr Margaret Wallen

Research Fellow

Margaret has been working in the field of cerebral palsy research for more than 15 years.

She is currently working on developing an online resource of current research evidence supporting interventions for children with cerebral palsy. This resource will assist families, clinicians and service providers to make informed decisions regarding interventions.

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Petra Karlsson

Dr Petra Karlsson

Research Fellow

Petra began working in the field of cerebral palsy as a clinician in her native Sweden in 1996 before working in a similar position at Australia’s Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Since 2009 Petra has worked at the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute, and is currently working on our CP Check-UpTM program and a number of other projects.

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Portrait of Danielle Herbert

Dr Danielle Herbert

Research Manager

Dr Herbert joined the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute in July 2014. In her role as Research Manager, Dr Herbert will support the team of researchers to conduct their projects, obtain funding, produce research outcomes and plan strategically for future research in cerebral palsy.

Dr Herbert has extensive postdoctoral experience in research management and epidemiology at the Queensland University of Technology, and reproductive epidemiology at The University of Queensland. Dr Herbert also has extensive clinical experience as a reproductive biologist.

Ms Cathy Morgan BAppSc (physio)

Cathy Morgan

Research Fellow

Cathy has been working as a physiotherapist specialising in cerebral palsy for 10 years, and two years as a researcher at the Research Institute of Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

She is a Research Fellow at the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute involved in coordinating the development of an international network of researchers focused on prevention and cure of cerebral palsy (IMPACT for CP).

Cathy is a doctoral candidate at The University of Notre Dame Australia and recipient of an NHMRC/Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation Doctoral Scholarship.

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Hayley Smithers-Sheedy

Hayley Smithers-Sheedy

Research Fellow

Hayley is a Research Fellow at the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute, Sydney.

She coordinates and supports the establishment, maintenance, and execution of research from the Australian Cerebral Palsy Register. She also supports the organisation’s strategic plan by building local and international research capacity aimed at preventing and curing cerebral palsy.

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Shona Goldsmith

Shona Goldsmith

Research Associate

Prior to joining the Research Institute in 2008, Shona worked as a physiotherapist specialising in working with children and adults with cerebral palsy and other complex disabilities.

Shona works on a range of Research Institute projects, assisting with literature reviews, ethics applications, data collection, analysis and writing.

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Isabelle Baldé

Isabelle Baldé

Research Assistant and Project Coordinator

Isabelle began her career in her home country of Belgium and has since worked in several countries in Executive Assistant and Project Coordinator roles for both international corporate companies and small businesses.

In her current role Isabelle provides corporate administration support to the researchers at the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute.

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