Cerebral Palsy Research - USA

Dr Petra Karlsson

Research Fellow

PhD MSc BAppSc

Petra began working in the field of cerebral palsy as a clinician in her native Sweden in 1996 before working in a similar position at Australia’s Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Since 2009 Petra has worked at the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute, and is currently working on our CP Check-UpTM program and a number of other projects.

The CP Check-UpTM program is a surveillance program (based on the successful Swedish model, CPUP) that utilises a range of assessments to collect information about an individual’s life including physical status, functional abilities, cognitive ability and emotional health and well being.

Information from the assessments is collated in an electronic database (CP Check-UpTM) which enables assessment results to be quickly and easily compared.

The results from the assessments are used to help understand a person’s current status in order to plan and provide appropriate and timely interventions now and in the future.

Petra works closely with Cerebral Palsy Alliance LifePoint services to support the use and implementation of the CP Check-UpTM program at Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

In the future we aim to translate research knowledge from the CP Check-UpTM program to inform and improve on the evidence-based interventions we provide at Cerebral Palsy Alliance for children with cerebral palsy.

Research Interests

  • Surveillance research
  • Assistive technology for children with cerebral palsy


2014 Clayton Utz: $140,000. Cerebral Palsy Alliance active surveillance program: CP Check-UpTM

2013 UBank: $100,000. Cerebral Palsy Alliance active surveillance program: CP Check-UpTM

2009 The Spastic Centre Postgraduate Research Award for Doctoral Studies.

Publication in Peer Reviewed Journal

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