Research Priorities

Research Priorities

The priority of our research program is to conduct research into the treatment, intervention, prevention and cure of cerebral palsy.

These priority research areas were defined as a result of a Delphi Study conducted by the Cerebral Palsy Alliance research team in Australia in 2007.

The study involved interviewing clinicians, families and researchers to identify a range of questions about cerebral palsy that would help shape the direction of future research.

Our research program is currently addressing many of these questions that cover topics within these priority areas such as:

Treatment & Intervention

  • Active Surveillance and Specialised Assessments
  • Interventions and Best Practice
  • Quality of Life/Community participation
  • Service provision/Intervention
  • Effective Outcomes
  • Effective Research/Services
  • Translating Research Into Practice (TRIP)

Prevention & Cure

  • CP Registers & Networks
  • Timing of brain injury
  • Infection/Inflammation
  • Haematology
  • Neuro-regeneration
  • Genetics

As evidence is established, priority research topics will change.