Scarlett’s Story — Gifts Matched This Month

Scarlett's Story — Gifts Matched This Month
Posted on Fri 16 Dec 2022

When Scarlett wasn’t rolling over at nine months old, her pediatrician ordered tests and referred her to physical therapy — and said this wouldn’t have been caught so early if she wasn’t a twin.

Her mom, Cortney, remains especially thankful for her doctor’s keen eye and early intervention and technology that help Scarlett every day. She’s loves playing with her twin brother, Ryder, and is in kindergarten “at a wonderful school that specializes in inclusive education and offers onsite therapy. She does physical therapy twice a week, occupational therapy twice a week, and attends dance class for tap and ballet once a week. She also uses a robotic gait trainer from Trexo Robotics at home.”

Early intervention and technology are at the heart of the science and programming we fund at Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation (CPARF). Thanks to an anonymous donor, the first $25,000 donated this month will be matched.

So give today and make double the impact on research that gives kids with cerebral palsy the best possible start.

Make twice the difference by supporting technology that makes therapy and treatment easier, more accessible, and more comfortable for people with CP at every age.

Your support will shape Scarlett’s future — and the future of all 18 million people with cerebral palsy. 

Leading cerebral palsy research organizations will collaborate to expand and accelerate cerebral palsy research and real-world implementation.

Learn about co-occurring conditions in cerebral palsy, focusing on the muscles and bones.