Our Ambassadors

Marissa Lelogeais

Marissa Lelogeais is not a person defined by cerebral palsy. If you ask her she will say her life is music, and music is her life.

Reggae would most definitely be number one. However I also LOVE Broadway shows, so musical theater as well.
For sure for sure. I'll be walking down the street and someone will look at me weirdly or someone will think I have a leg injury. I also walk with a red and white tipped cane due to my low vision. It frustrates me when I am trying to do something and my brain doesn't catch up to my body quickly enough.
Singing onstage and playing music with my friends gives me so much joy that I feel like I could burst. When I'm onstage, I feel empowered. While I may have CP, I can still play music and sing songs I wrote which I hope will make the people at the show smile...and dance!!

Bill Richards, Jr

My name is Bill Richards, Jr. I have Cerebral Palsy. I am non verbal, I use a speech program from words plus to help communicate. I give disability awareness speeches to 4th graders 2 or 3 times a month. I also speak to future doctors and nurses about disability related issues to help educate them about disability related topics before they start their Medical related careers.

I went to a standard high school in the San Francisco bay area, and to junior college in Sacramento, California. I live alone in my own home with 24 hour personal care outside Sacramento, California. I enjoy swimming, bowling, and visiting with my friends, my with my family in Tahoe, California, and New York, or where ever else my family lives.

If the real time thought-to-speech system ever did come on to the market, I would be interested to try it. My personality comes thru so much better with computer program then it ever has when I was using only the word-board, and hopefully with some hard work and training some day I might be able to use a real time thought-to-speech system.