Move Together for Cerebral Palsy

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Step Up to Advance Cerebral Palsy Research
and Disability Innovation

Connect with your friends, family, and colleagues to get moving this STEPtember. The fun starts on September 1!

STEPtember encourages participants of all fitness and ability levels to take 10,000 steps a day as part of teams of up to four, or as individuals. For each four-person team, that’s more than a million steps if everyone hits their daily goals — and they don’t have to be actual steps.

More than 80 wide-ranging activities convert to steps — from dancing to physical therapy to hiking to rolling in a wheelchair — and you can choose what works for you based on your interest and mobility.

Raise money by letting friends and family know about how much you’re moving, or take STEPtember on as a pure fundraising challenge if cerebral palsy means a lot to you but doing a ton of physical activity isn’t your thing.

Step up with us this year!

To learn more about getting yourself or your organization involved with STEPtember, get in touch with Benny Kaufman, CPARF’s Associate Director of Campaigns and register today!