Our Story

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation was proudly established in the United States in 2015 to fund the world’s best research to treat, prevent and ultimately find a cure for cerebral palsy.

A decade earlier, in 2005 Cerebral Palsy Alliance launched its Research Foundation in Australia to fund the best CP research around the world – to assist the lives of the 17 million people around the world living with cerebral palsy. We are building on this 10 year history of global leadership in cerebral palsy research and working collectively to accelerate research findings.

With the support of you the donor and the research community we can continue to make significant progress towards achieving our goal through:

  • Collaborating with the best researchers across the United States, and sharing the information globally
  • Funding research with the most potential for breakthroughs
  • Developing key partnerships with supporters
  • Encouraging the world’s best researchers to adopt cerebral palsy as their area of study.

Together we will accelerate discoveries for cerebral palsy.

Our Achievements

Thanks to the dedication of researchers and donor support, significant steps have been made towards finding the answers to cerebral palsy.

58% of the most effective cerebral palsy treatments have been discovered in the past 10 years thanks to the collective efforts of the international cerebral palsy research community..

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