STEM Changemaker and World CP Day Ambassador Jerusha Mather is already making a difference.  Discover what motivates her.

Lois shares what it was like to grow up with cerebral palsy in the 1950s and how it's shifted over the years.

Wed 7 Oct 2020
World CP Day Reflections

Xian shares her reflections on having cerebral palsy and the sense of community among people who have CP.

Xian is a powerhouse with a positive perspective. Learn what motivates her and why she's participating in STEPtember.

Raising Funds, Awareness for Cerebral Palsy Research

With the uncertainty of the pandemic, it's especially important to plan for the future as much as you can. Ed Carter of shares his perspective.

Jonathan is a proud Scorpio who perseveres. This is his story of living with cerebral palsy.

CPARF's Director of Communications shares how the pandemic has affected her and why it's so important to #Move4CP.

Hunter explores the power of three in his life.