In the second of two blog entries, Katy Fetters Gaastra of Cerebral Palsy Strong shares the power behind storytelling, how it can bring people together, and how it can shift our perspectives — including our perspectives about ourselves.

Check out what we're doing and what's planned down the road.

In the first of two blog entries, Katy Fetters of Cerebral Palsy Strong shares how she's come to understand herself and her disability — and the way she relates to the world around her.

Cerebral palsy's impact extends beyond the physical. Learn about one program that addresses many angles at once.

We interviewed nonprofit leader, motivational speaker, and TikToker extraordinaire Steve Ferreira. This is the first of two blogs featuring his story and you can also find him on Faces of CP.

Wed 27 Jan 2021

Naomi has always had a spark, a sense of humor, and a ton of resilience. We first met her and her mom, Kiara, a year and a half ago and we reconnected to see what Naomi's been up to recently.

The second part of our COVID-19 Q&A, which also has implications for research surrounding aging and cerebral palsy.

Will Howell is the founder of WillPower Ties. Discover what motivated him to start his business, and learn about the challenges and surprises he experienced along the way.

Fri 11 Dec 2020
Cerebral Palsy and COVID-19

Since the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, the CDC has stated that neurologic conditions like cerebral palsy could potentially lead to more serious COVID-19 cases, but there have been few details explaining why, leaving people with all types of CP guessing. We're shedding light where we can.