Our Grants Program


Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation has a strong, ongoing commitment to funding high-quality cerebral palsy research. Our research priorities were informed by extensive consultation with the cerebral palsy community, including people with cerebral palsy and their families, clinicians, and researchers.

We accept applications from individuals, groups of researchers, committees, or project-focused foundations. Chief Investigators must be employed through an institution, i.e., a hospital, university, or institute.

Please ensure your project relates to or addresses at least one of CPARF’s research priorities:

  • Early Detection & Early Intervention
  • Chronic Pain
  • Technology
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Genomics


Peggy Harianto
Grants and Contracts Manager

Inquire About Grants

Applications for 2020 grant round open in August/September 2020.

Our Research Grants

CPARF Project Grants support scientific excellence and innovative cerebral palsy research. These grants are open to all researchers who want to work to accelerate cerebral palsy research progress. Applicants should be researchers aiming to deepen their knowledge, increase their experience, and build their reputation in this field. We strongly encourage applicants to nominate junior researchers as Chief Investigators in their applications to foster up-and-coming cerebral palsy researchers.

Emerging Researcher Grants are for people seeking to establish careers in cerebral palsy research. Overarching requirements include demonstrated research capability and a desire to establish a career in the field of cerebral palsy research. Applicants should detail how this grant will support them as an independent researcher and how it will increase upward movement for their career.

This competitive grant aims to attract new and highly qualified graduates into the field of cerebral palsy research. These grants are internationally available for PhD research students who are committed to the same thing we are: accelerating progress to change what’s possible for cerebral palsy on several fronts by encouraging researchers to adopt cerebral palsy as their area of study.

Individuals completing non-research PhD study, such as a clinical doctorate, are ineligible for this grant.

Conference, Training & Travel Grants are available on a competitive basis to help individuals travel to conduct fieldwork or take part in other collaborations, or to help people attend a training session or conference that’s significant for their work.

These grants are directly related to an applicant’s research or professional development. We prefer applications focused on individuals presenting a paper or poster at a conference, though it’s not required for eligibility.

Small Equipment Grants aim to help scientists purchase essential research equipment and can be used for pieces of equipment, partial pieces of larger equipment, or basic lab items (excluding consumables). It can also be used for specialized IT equipment or software for specific research implementation.

As of 2019, we no longer accept applications for the Career Development Grant. Instead, we encourage you apply for an Emerging Research Grant or PhD Grant.

Prior Career Development Grant recipients should refer to the following report templates for their ongoing research projects: