Our Work

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation (CPARF) funds US-based research to change what’s possible for people with cerebral palsy, implements proven science, empowers people through education, and advances technology benefiting disabled people worldwide.

a photo of a man in a wheelchair with the logo for Remarkable.

Disability Innovation

In 2022, we launched Remarkable US, the first nonprofit-funded disability technology start-up accelerator supporting life-changing technology for people with cerebral palsy (CP) and other disabilities in the United States.

Remarkable US works in partnership with Remarkable — a transformative Australia-based start-up accelerator made possible by Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Since 2016, nearly 50 start-ups have come through the Remarkable accelerator and raised more than $28 million to power up the potential of people with disabilities around the world.

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Research Advancements

Cerebral palsy research is vastly underfunded, especially given how common this disability is. In the face of that, cerebral palsy researchers have made strides and advances over the last 15 years, paving the way for us to continue to change what’s possible for cerebral palsy.

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Research Priorities

Our six research priorities — adulthood, early detection & early intervention, chronic pain, technology, regenerative medicine, and genomics — advance our mission to fund the best US-based research to change what’s possible for cerebral palsy.

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Research Projects

We fund the most promising research to effect positive change for people with cerebral palsy.

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