Our Work

We work to accelerate breakthroughs by building research networks and providing more funding for the best cerebral palsy research.


Over half of the most effective cerebral palsy treatments have been discovered in the last 10 years thanks to the collective efforts of our research colleagues and partners around the globe.

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Our Research Program

Researching the causes of cerebral palsy is a complex challenge. Meet the talented team of US and international experts we support and read about the projects they are working on.

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Research Projects

Under the direction of the International Chair of Cerebral Palsy, Professor Nadia Badawi, an international Cerebral Palsy Research Network has been created to define the research areas that have the potential for the most impact, on the most people, in the shortest time.

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Join the IMPACT for CP international research network for the prevention and cure of cerebral palsy. We are connecting CP researchers, policy makers, families, clients and carers to accelerate research findings for CP.

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