Move Together for Cerebral Palsy

STEPtember runs all September long and we welcome thousands of people and teams of all abilities from around the world. Challenge yourself to raise funds for CP research, and challenge yourself to move more — walk, roll, go to physical therapy, dance, swim — to reach the equivalent of 10,000 steps a day.

The Promise of Technology

Mobility, communication, and thought-to-speech technologies are advancing so quickly that two Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) researchers believe that we are closer than ever to major breakthroughs.


Our Research Grants Program

CPARF is committed to funding high-quality cerebral palsy research focused on early detection and early intervention, chronic pain, technology, regenerative medicine, and genomics. Learn more about our funding process.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors represent many facets of the cerebral palsy community. From our CPARF Ambassadors to our STEPtember Ambassadors to our Honorary Friends & Family Ambassadors, all of them have different stories. Every one of  them is worth knowing, understanding, and sharing. We are fortunate to have each of them in our corner to help us move cerebral palsy research forward.