Our Approach


By founding Australia’s Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute in 2005, CPA propelled cerebral palsy research into the international spotlight, and they’ve already made a significant impact on people with cerebral palsy in Australia. CPA supported studies that revolutionized prenatal care, lessened the severity of CP, and lessened its occurrence from 1 in 400 to 1 in 700 over the last 15 years.

Building on CPA’s model, and in collaboration with two of their lead scientists, CPARF will reshape the cerebral palsy research landscape in the US. Guided by our five-member Scientific Advisory Board, we will fund science that addresses every age and every stage of life, providing crucial insights for people with cerebral palsy, their families, and their care teams.


Our goal is to create and foster a broad and balanced portfolio to help the CP community in as many ways as possible. That includes pilot programs for transformative ideas at an early stage, funding to get revolutionary ideas over the finish line and into the world, and small ideas that can make a huge difference.

Our global presence makes us the ideal conduit to fund collaborative science in the CP space, and our global network is a tremendous asset to US-based researchers who are addressing the unasked questions and discovering new solutions. We connect them with others in the field to expand collaboration opportunities and translation of their work, making it easier and faster to get information to the scientific community and to people with CP and their families.

Our information-sharing alliance ensures we’re best positioned to place your funds where they will fuel the most transformational change through research.