Our Approach


We were established in New York City in 2015 in partnership with Australia’s Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA). With their 75-year history as the global leader in CP care and treatment, and as the largest private funder of CP research in the world, CPA recognized an urgent need to create a research-based presence in the United States.

By founding the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute in 2005, CPA propelled CP research into the international spotlight. They supported several studies that revolutionized prenatal care, including using therapeutic cooling to counter brain injury in full-term babies in intensive care, and administering magnesium sulfate to any mother in extreme preterm labor, forming a potentially protective shield around their baby’s brain. These advances lessened the severity of CP and lessened its occurrence from 1 in 400 to in 1 in 700 over the last 15 years.

We proudly partner with researchers, institutes, and foundations around the globe to harness scientific expertise, aggregate global findings, incentivize progress, and access unparalleled insight in the CP research space. We take a strategic and thoughtful approach when choosing each study we fund. Our goal is always to amplify the science that is closest to making a breakthrough.


Our global presence makes us the ideal conduit to fund US-based researchers who are addressing the unasked questions and discovering new solutions. We connect them with others in the field to expand collaboration opportunities and translation of their work, making it easier and faster to get information to the scientific community and to people with CP and their families.

Our information-sharing alliance ensures we’re best positioned to place your funds where they will fuel the most consequential change through research.