Our Purpose and Vision

Our vision is to fund the best and brightest researchers in the United States to find ways to improve current interventions and ultimately find a prevention and cure for cerebral palsy.

Our Purpose

  • Support research to improve therapies and interventions for people living with cerebral palsy today
  • Support high quality evidence-based research into the prevention and cure of cerebral palsy
  • Shape the direction of future research into the cure, prevention and management of cerebral palsy
  • Build careers dedicated to investigating cerebral palsy research.

Our Strategy to Find the Answers Sooner

Our strategy is to accelerate progress towards finding prevention and cure for cerebral palsy in our lifetime.

We know progress is possible when research receives the funding it needs to find breakthroughs.

In just the last decade alone when investment in cerebral palsy research significantly increased, 58% of the world’s most effective cerebral palsy interventions were discovered.

But there is still more work that needs to be done. Over the next 3 years we will focus on supporting research in key areas that have the most potential of helping us find the answers. We aim to:

  • Fund the most promising research projects for cerebral palsy in the United States
  • Support the work of CP Registers and Surveillance Programs
  • Connect investigators to enable data sharing
  • Provide standardised data collection tools and outcome definitions to support prospective and longitudinal data collection that can be more easily shared, compared and pooled
  • Explore opportunities for collaborative research
  • Coordinate efforts to seek funding and provide seed funding as resources become available

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