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Join 3forCP, our grassroots community fundraising platform that supports and funds cerebral palsy research and disability innovation.

Cerebral palsy (CP) is the most common lifelong physical disability in the world, and it’s one of the most underfunded. Together, we can change what’s possible for people with CP by doing just three simple things.


Donate to support cerebral palsy research and disability innovation. Make an even bigger impact by becoming a monthly donor.


Fundraise, participate in an event, take on a challenge, or donate your day to support our mission.


Connect people to our work! Help us raise awareness and bring people together who share a passion for supporting CP.

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Taking action has never been easier. Everyone has something to offer, and every contribution helps. 3forCP means you commit to do just three simple things to change what’s possible for the 18 million people with cerebral palsy worldwide. Get started today.

Need some inspiration or have a few questions? Check out some fundraising ideas and visit our FAQ page.