A Time for Everything, Part 1

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Wed 10 Jul 2024

By Kim Greene

Ecclesiastes 3:1 There is a season (a time appointed) for everything and a time for every delight and event or purpose under heaven—

Season of Searching

A few years ago, I entered a season of searching…searching to answer the WHY my body was responding in ways that others judged as being, “out of shape, needing exercise, uncoordinated, and unable to do things that they could do.”

A particularly hurtful event happened when I was on a family trip with my husband and two adult children.  We were on a vacation and planned a hiking walking trip through gorges and caves.  My body would not cooperate.  I could not navigate the uneven ground, rocks, and gorges unless I was holding on to one of them. Both of my lower legs cramped and spasmed. I actually thought I might need to be carried out.  My family was both exasperated and frustrated with me and shared that if only I would “get in shape,” I would be able to walk and hike with them.

In my heart, I knew that I was having difficulty because something was not right with my body. My body’s response was not due to being lazy or out of shape.

Kim, a white woman with blond hair, wearing an all black outfit and holding a hiking pole, sits on a stone wall with blue water behind her.

Due to an unrelated medical condition, I had an appointment with a neurologist and shared my concerns about my muscle cramps and issues with balance. After a while, I was referred to a physical therapist for balance and muscle tone issues. Still without a diagnosis, I expressed my ongoing concern to the physical therapist that something was going on that was more involved than the original referral for balance. He stated that he believed me. 

Coincidentally, I also happened to go shopping for shoes and chose to step on a 3D foot scanning machine that analyzes the foot anatomy to reconstruct the exact foot shape and detect detailed foot dimensions. The scan showed that I had extremely high arches.  I took the scan to the physical therapist and his response was, “I agree, I think there is more going on here. Often foot issues like this indicate a neurological issue.”

Stay tuned for part 2…

Tue 16 Jul 2024

By Kim Greene Season of Confirmation With his affirmative comment and now wondering if indeed I had a neurological issue, I googled what I knew about my history. I knew that I had been adopted and born eight weeks early and had to be kept in the hospital until I was stable and weighed more […]

Wed 10 Jul 2024

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Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation (CPARF) and CVI Now (part of the CVI Center at Perkins School for the Blind) are hosting a joint event on Thursday, July 25 from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm ET. Launching CPARF’s new “CP &…” series, the event will dive deep into the connections between cerebral palsy (CP) and […]