Brianna’s Story: Passion & YogabilityFit

Thu 26 Aug 2021

We love showcasing different personal stories, perspectives, and aspects of the cerebral palsy community. Today, we're featuring a story from Brianna Giordanella, founder of YogabilityFit. Her twin sister has cerebral palsy. After you check out what she has to say, you can find her on Instagram.

You may wonder how and why I came up with my health and wellness business. What makes me different from any other health and wellness professional? PASSION!

The origin and meaning of “YogabilityFit” says it all! Lets break it down.

 “YOGA”. I have always believed in the power of yoga. As a young athlete I was not very flexible which hindered me athletically. I started taking yoga classes as a way of stretching and fell in love with the art. I saw benefits mentally as well as physically. I remember telling myself that one day I would become a certified yoga instructor. I Finally pursued my yoga certification in 2017 and have continued enhancing my knowledge of the art ever since. 

“ABILITY”. This portion of the word is very personal to me. I have a twin sister diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth. It is my sister that inspires me to do what I do. Since a young age I observed my sister's physical and occupational therapy sessions. I have volunteered and assisted in many Special Olympic sporting events. My business is meant for ALL ABILITIES, ALL AGES, no matter what level! YogabilityFit has a specific mission that I stand by firmly and dearly. This mission is: to give back to others in a way that relates to health of the mind, body, and soul regardless of your age and ability level. 

“FIT”. This portion of the word relates to the fitness aspect of what my business offers. Having been an athlete for most of my life and having a degree in exercise science as well as an overall background in the health and fitness world have provided me first-hand knowledge as to the importance of mental and physical conditioning. I want to give others the gift of fitness and help them achieve the best version of themselves! 

My purpose and passion in life is to help others. ALL individuals no matter their ability or age. 

 “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”-Marc Anthony 

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