Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation Expands Its Mission

Fri 15 Apr 2022

Since 2015, Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation (CPARF) has funded the best US-based research to change what’s possible for cerebral palsy. We’re still doing that, but starting now, we’re doing even more.

As the foremost nonprofit organization in the world focusing on research and innovation for people with cerebral palsy, we approach cerebral palsy from all angles. We find, fund, and support US-based research and technological innovations that will change what it’s like to live with CP. With broader support of the scientific process and an expanded focus on real-world implementation, CPARF will bring science to life to change what’s possible for people with cerebral palsy.

"We need to meet the needs of the CP community across every age and every stage, and we don't need to meet them in 15 or 17 years when some of this early-stage research would be completed and put into practice. We need to meet them today and tomorrow. I'm excited to figure out new and innovative ways to help bring solutions to the people who urgently need them." –  CPARF Executive Director Michael Pearlmutter

We'll bring science to life to support people with cerebral palsy in three key ways: 

The crucial first step that involves scientists investigating topics important to the CP community. Whether it’s focused on early detection and early intervention, chronic pain, technology, regenerative medicine, or genomics, the information uncovered and published in this process can be life-changing. The research outcomes often result in opportunities for innovation and implementation projects.

The innovators and entrepreneurs we support are motivated to bring science to life through solutions that meet the needs of the disability community, often through technology. They find practical, affordable applications of researched principles to ease and enrich the lives of people with disabilities. 

Implementation, in its simplest form, means taking further action. We will bring research from published pages to the people, continue forward with findings, and ensure that we close the gap between proven science and its active use in practice.  


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