Donations Matched for CP Awareness Month, A Webinar on the Way, and More

Fri 26 Mar 2021

It’s Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day and we’ve got a lot to share in our first newsletter of 2021! If you’re here for the highlights: you can sign up up for our first webinar, share your story on the newly revamped Faces of CP, and double your impact until the end of this month.

Scroll on down for more info on everything.

April 12 — Live Research Webinar with Professor Iona Novak Phd MSc BAppSc 

Join us for a webinar with world-renowned cerebral palsy researcher Professor Iona Novak. Sign up today to learn where our research is headed and an overview of our journey so far. We can’t wait to see you on April 12 at 6:00 pm eastern!

Show Your Face and Share Your Story

If you have cerebral palsy or care for someone who does, head to Faces of CP. It’s got a sweet refresh and it’s still a place for faces and space for stories. Discover nearly 100 personal stories, add your own, and tell your friends.

Save the Date for STEPtember

The 2021 fun begins on Wednesday, September 1 and lasts all month long, so mark your calendars for the best 30 days of your year.

Celebrate By Giving Back

Thanks to our generous partners, all donations made before March 31 will be matched. So your $10 gift becomes $20, your $50 gift becomes $100. Make a gift today to support CP research and double your impact.

Thu 11 Apr 2024

In the first part of our newest Science Spotlight blog, learn how scientists can harness electricity to help with movement disorders that sometimes accompany cerebral palsy.

Thu 04 Apr 2024

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