Episode Eight | Changing What’s Possible: The Disability Innovation Podcast | Season One

Fri 06 Jan 2023

Changing What's Possible: The Disability Innovation Podcast | Season One

Episode Eight | Increasing Access to Affordable High-Quality Wheelchairs With Participant Assistive Products

The right wheelchair can transform someone’s life by allowing them to attend school, helping them participate in their community, and more. This episode’s guests share how their company Participant Assistive Products works to bring affordable, high-quality mobility products to children all over the world. Keoke King, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Participant Assistive Products, describes what makes their products unique and how they reach underserved communities. Next, Dave Calver, Participant’s Chief Clinical Officer and Co-Founder, shares stories from people in Mexico and Colombia who’ve used their new Cub wheelchair, and how it benefits people.

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