Episode Six | Changing What’s Possible: The Disability Innovation Podcast | Season Two

Fri 21 Jul 2023

Changing What's Possible: The Disability Innovation Podcast | Season Two

Episode Six | Grasp Your Goals With Assistive Tech from Hominid X – Part 1

Limited hand function can make everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning, or writing difficult for people around the world with cerebral palsy, stroke, and many other conditions. To address these challenges, Hominid X is developing and delivering wearable assistive products that can help people increase their independence and enhance their lives. In this episode, you’ll meet Thane Hunt, Founder and CEO of Hominid X — one of the startup companies in our 2023 Remarkable US Accelerator Program. In addition to this work, Thane is a Senior Systems Engineer at Desktop Metal. In the first episode of this two-part interview, Thane introduces himself, shares the story of how Hominid X came to be, and tells us more about Fiber — one of their innovative products that’s an easy-to-use assistive device for people with hand weakness or paralysis.

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