As a supporter of cerebral palsy research, you are helping improve the daily lives of children like 4 year old Max.

Max and Fiona
Max was born with severe cerebral palsy. It affects his arms, legs and head control.

He needs assistance 24 hours a day, is often in pain, and needs help with many aspects of his life – eating, siting up, walking, talking, learning and playtime.

To do just about everything in his life, Max relies on specialised equipment and regular intensive therapy sessions.

For Max and his parents, any research that can improve his comfort and participation in life is vital. They believe that research is not only about finding a cure. It can also significantly improve the lives of people with cerebral palsy today.

Whether it is specialised equipment or accessing a range of early intervention options, Max and his family are benefitting every day from the knowledge gained from cerebral palsy research.

Improvements in technology and equipment made possible by research can give children like Max the opportunity to improve their capabilities and independence.

Among the equipment Max uses is a customised chair that allows him to play with his big brother at eye level (instead of being on the floor), sit at the dinner table, go out for a meal and socialise with family and friends.

He has also received BOTOX® and a second skin (in lay terms it’s like a corset that provides stability to his torso) that supports him and means that his eating has improved and can better use his arms and hands. Max has started drinking from a cup, and for the first time is now feeding himself finger food. He’s also learnt to use the muscles he needs to sit unaided on the floor for 5 minutes and stand in a special frame for up to 30 minutes.

Max and his family have also participated in Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s CP Check-Up program which regularly reviews children to help identify areas requiring attention. This program is helping the family understand Max’s abilities and plan for his future.

They’re now working on communication technology options for Max and also trialling a power chair.

‘Our family is grateful for the generosity of people who support cerebral palsy research. Their support gives us hope that answers will be found and that we can maximise our little boy’s potential. Thank you,’

Fiona Keary.