Innovation Insights: SpineX

Thu 30 Nov 2023

We’re highlighting SpineX this week! Last month, Kara Allanach, SpineX’s Director of Product attended our second Remarkable Tech Summit and we got aa white woman standing in front of mission bay, san diego chance to learn more about her experiences:

“I've just met so many great people with disabilities, disability advocates, and people who are passionate about funding disability innovations. And it's just been invaluable, as far as I'm concerned, for us to be able to take our product from the lab into the real world. Remarkable really has accelerated us.”

SpineX’s technology unlocks movement for people with cerebral palsy using painless, noninvasive neuromodulation. You can learn more about what neuromodulation is and how SpineX’s device achieves this by checking out our Science Spotlight from this past June.

Beyond featuring the ins and outs of their technology, their episode of our Changing What’s Possible podcast features the experience of a young girl named Annika and her parents throughout their clinical trial journey. Take a listen.

To learn even more, watch our 2022 webinar with Co-Founder and CEO/Director Parag Gad and follow SpineX on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Thu 11 Apr 2024

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Thu 04 Apr 2024

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