Meet The HMS Team: Tom

Fri 19 Aug 2022

The CPARF team connected with the team at HMS School over our shared goal to change what’s possible for people with cerebral palsy. We’re proud and grateful that HMS is a CPARF nonprofit partner and we’re continuing this series about the school and some of the clinicians and staff who bring their talent and expertise to its halls every day.

Tom Quinn, M.Ed, M.EA, is the President of HMS School. The team at HMS School is especially excited to be connected to Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation (CPARF) because they share a similar mission for CP education, innovation, and community building.

Learn more about Tom and what informs his work at HMS:

When and why did you start working at HMS School?
I came to HMS as an outside contractor working for the Walnut Street Theatre to start a theater group with six students over 20 years ago. I ran that program for two years and remained a huge fan of the students and staff.  Three years ago, I was fortunate enough to be hired as the President. The work I did 20 years ago transformed my career and coming here is the culmination of that transformation.

What resonates the most with you about your work at HMS?
Our students are phenomenal. Their work ethic and willingness to learn is out of this world. The joy they find in discovery is inspiring and watching them connect with peers for the first time is a big part of what our school so special.

What would surprise people about HMS?
The joy and the laughter that echoes through our halls.  Our staff and students have a lot of fun together!

What do you think others could learn about HMS' unique environment?
We are a school and our students — in spite of whatever challenges they may deal with — are kids and want and need to be treated that way. Fun needs to be a part of their needs for learning and for therapy and the kind of care they need. 

Anything else you'd like to add?
When I was talking to our Board about coming here, they asked me to prepare a presentation. And while I shared my ideas for growth and how we can reach more students — which we are looking to do by adding more space and exploring how we can connect with professionals around the country — I concluded with an image of a heart. 

That is who we are. A place for learning, student growth, and the home of a community imbued by heart. I am very lucky!

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