More Q&A with Professor Iona Novak

Fri 21 Jan 2022

Question: What would be your intervention for a family who only focuses on functional goals for their child that might not be met? 

Iona's Answer: There are a number of important steps to take in this scenario:  

(i) validating this family’s hopes and dreams for their child, as these are natural parental aspirations. Having a child with cerebral palsy is stressful.

(ii) asking the family compassionately if they can identify what skill they think their child might learn next, and frame their answer as the next short-term goal that could be worked on.
(iii) asking the family what they understand so far about their child’s prognosis.
(iv) providing evidence-based, prognostic information in a compassionate way, framed around the importance of working together to protect and foster your child’s personhood and identity.

Ask questions such as: What are your child’s interests that we can foster? How can we ensure your child is fully included? How do we strike a balance between wanting to help and your child feeling accepting for who they are? 

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