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Applicant Guidelines

Project Grant

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation (CPARF) is committed to bringing science to life to change what’s possible for cerebral palsy. We welcome project grant applications from all researchers who want to move cerebral palsy research forward through their work, and who seek to build and expand their reputation in the cerebral palsy field. We strongly encourage applicants to include junior researchers on their teams to foster new talent in the field.

We will give special attention to applications that highlight a project’s direct and indirect effects on individuals, communities, and society. Impact includes knowledge advancement; improvements to health, equity, and capacity building; and other social, cultural, and/or economic benefits experienced by people with cerebral palsy, their families, and their care teams.

Subject-Matter and Location Eligibility: The Principal Investigator must be based in the United States and the research topic must contribute to cerebral palsy research.

Indirect Costs: Indirect costs are capped at 25%, including the IDC charged by any sub-awardee or contractor.

Most grants range from $70,000 to $180,000, but we will consider grants with higher funding requests. The maximum grant award length is five years.

Next Application Cycle

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  • Applicants must be based in the United States of America.
  • Researchers must all want to work to accelerate progress in the field of cerebral palsy research.
  • Studied topic must contribute to the field of cerebral palsy research.
  • The application process will be completed in two stages. The first stage is an expression of interest (EOI). The highest-ranked applications will be invited to submit a full application outlining research plan and budget.
  • Applicants must use the online application forms (EOI and full application) accessible from CPARF’s website.
  • All sections of the application form must be completed.
  • A total of 10 investigators can be included in the application, and applicants must seek consent from all investigators prior the submission of EOI. Failure to do so may remove an application from consideration.
  • Justification for the salary budget must be provided.
  • Grants will generally be made for activities, rather than for items or equipment.
  • Applicants must nominate a single administering institution to manage the grant.
  • If a project is chosen for funding, CPARF will make a grant agreement with the nominated administering institution.

We will send an email acknowledging any and all applications submitted before the closing date.

  • EOIs will be assessed by the CPARF steering committee.
  • Full applications are peer-reviewed by internal and external reviewers with relevant research expertise.
  • Successful applicants will be chosen based on peer review score and alignment to organizational  strategy. This decision is final, and due to time constraints, we cannot provide individual feedback or comments.

Please refer to the peer review assessment guidelines available on the website for further details on scoring.

  • The initial grant award payment begins after the grant agreement is executed.
  • The grant award will be paid through the administering institution associated with and nominated by the grant recipient.
  • Payments will never be made to individual bank accounts.
  • Subsequent grant payments will only be made upon receipt of satisfactory reports and invoices issued by the administering institution.
  • Grant recipients are required to submit periodic research progress and financial reports.
  • The final report and financial acquittal must be submitted within sixty (60) days of study completion.
  • Grant recipients must use CPARF’s reporting template.
  • CPARF reserves the right to publish or use part or all of the report for fundraising and/or marketing purposes.
  • CPARF’s support must be acknowledged using our full name in any presentations, publications, or reports resulting from the study.

Research Funding Guidelines

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Timeline – 2021 grant round

15 August 2021 – 11am

Expression of interest (EOI) submissions open

12 September 2021 – 9am

Expression of interest (EOI) submissions close

8th October 2021

Notification of outcome – expression of interest

10 October 2021 – 10am

Full application submission open

7 November 2021 – 7am

Full application submission close

April/May 2022

Notification of outcome – full application

Date and time above is based on Eastern Time (New York). This website can help applicants to convert the date and time to applicants’ local time.